How to Keep Tenants & Your Home Safe & Protected

As a landlord, protecting your tenants is all in a day’s work. Renting a home requires that it is a habitat home and work may be needed over the years to keep the home at its best. Hire a professional to perform a property inspection fulton md each year to ensure the home is in best condition.

This inspection helps protect tenants and the home, saves you headache and hassle, and offers a slew of additional benefits that all work to keep you safe. It is performed by a third party expert who knows what to look for around the home. If it is damaged or at risk of being damaged the inspection reveals the information.

In addition to the safety inspection, there are a few things that you can do to keep your tenants safe. This includes:

·    Check the gas and electrical systems on an annual basis or before each season.

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·    Make sure that your electrical panels are up to date and working properly.

·    Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in the house.

·    Place a fire extinguisher in the property.

·    Make sure that all interior structural components are safe and damage free.

In addition to the tips here, it’s important that you respond to tenant inquiries and complaints on a timely basis. Not only are there regulations in place that requires efficient repair/replacement of some broken components/structures, fast response keeps tenants happy and prolongs the lifetime and efficiency of your appliances and products.

As a landlord, your job involves so much more than collecting a check each month. Protecting tenants and your property is also quintessential in this position.  Use the information above to keep your property and your tenants safe day in and day out.